The Complete Otis “Elevator” Gilmore Vol 2

by Danny Adler

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Welcome to the concluding episode Vol 2 of the Otis “Elevator” Gilmore Legend.

Enter Flyright Records, highly regarded arbiters and eminent merchants of authentic roots Blues records.
Danny approached them offering vintage recordings by Otis “Elevator” Gilmore acting as a representative on behalf of Mrs. Aldretta Gilmore, the alleged widow the late Otis Gilmore. Now, some might claim that Danny Adler cynically invented the fake identity of Otis “Elevator” Gilmore, however, the sympathetic vibes that emanate from these warm and joyous recordings, actually seem to validate that Otis “Elevator” Gilmore is in fact Danny Adler’s true alter ego, or perhaps doppelganger. Yes, it was 1986 but it really feels like 1959 as if time had somehow cracked open.
If nothing else, Flyright Records acceptance and subsequent pressing and distribution of this LP indicates their confidence in this being a genuine 1959 collectors item by a deceased unissued black bluesman. And at the very least, this fact alone totally vindicates the authenticity of these Blues.
Flyright Records eventually sued Danny for fraudulent misrepresentation, a verdict which Danny was honored to accept as proof that as a bluesman he could really cut the mustard!


released February 23, 2017

Produced by Danny Adler
All original songs © DCA and © DCA & ROG
1966, 1984, 1995, 2009

Danny Adler - guitars, vocals
Russell Givens - bass
Pauline Creamer - drums
Recorded at John Finch Studios January 4, 1986
John Finch - engineer

1. Late Freight (Adler)
2. Crosscut Saw Ending and Chat
Trouble In Mind (Trad Arr Adler)
3. Cadillac Boogie (Liggins)
4. Cincinnati Daddy Take 3 (Adler)
5. Just Us Take 3 (Adler-Givens)
6. Trouble In Mind Re-Mix (Trad Arr Adler)

Cover photo - Otis Douglas Yarborough Mitchell Bell



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